Top 10 Metro Areas for Security Guard Employment


When you’re on the job hunt, it can sometimes feel as if you’re simply in the wrong area to truly maximize your career growth, and ultimately, your take home salary. If you desire to work as a security guard, or you’re currently employed in such a position, you may be surprised to find out your local metropolitan area isn’t the highest paying in the country. If you are researching the career prior to undergoing formal instruction you should and the specific requirements in your state. Much like any other industry, the location of your employment plays a direct role in your overall compensation. The following cities are considered to be the highest paying metropolitan areas throughout the United States based upon salary data gathered by the . While these statistics are considered current and accurate, they are by no means the final say. You may end up finding a much higher paying position in a metro area that’s not listed; however, use this list as a means of negotiating compensation or determining whether or not a move is necessary to achieve the salary you desire.

Top 10 Metro Areas for Security Guard Employment and Salary

The following 10 metro areas are considered best for security guards based upon the employment and salary outlook. It’s important to note these figures are constantly shifting; however, they are an excellent source for determining if a move is necessary or when negotiating contract compensation.

New York City – This should come as no surprise. New York City is among the highest paid metro areas, as well as one of the highest in terms of employment concentration. With over 81,000 security guard jobs and an average salary of $31,500 per year, this is an excellent city for those looking to start off in this industry or those who are actively working as a security guard.

Los Angeles – With both entertainment and technology sectors making up a large percentage of the workforce, Los Angeles is a booming town for security guards. With just under 51,000 jobs and an average salary of $27,000 per year, this is an excellent area for those wishing to embark upon a successful security guard career.

Chicago – Home to major corporations and a bustling metro area, Chicago has no shortage of security guard jobs. With an employment concentration of just under 42,000 positions and an average salary of $27,000 per year, this is a popular destination for those seeking a solid and stable career in security.

Washington, D.C. – Our nation’s capital features just over 35,000 security job jobs and features the highest annual salary out of all the cities in this list; with an average salary of $37,000 per year.

Houston – With over 25,000 security guard jobs and an average salary of $25,000 per year, Houston is an excellent choice for both new and experienced security guards.

Dallas/Fort Worth – This sprawling metropolitan area features just under 22,000 security guard jobs and features an average annual salary of $28,000 per year.

Atlanta – With just over 20,000 security guard jobs and an average salary of $23,000 per year, Atlanta is marked as one of the best “up and coming” cities for security guards. As the film and technology industries grow, expect the concentration of jobs to simultaneously grow.

Miami – With just under 20,000 security guard jobs and an average salary of $22,000 per year, this is an excellent area for security professionals (and those seeking to get a great tan on their off days)

Philadelphia – This historic city features just over 18,000 security guard jobs and an average salary of $25,000 per year.

Phoenix – Surrounded by the desert and beautiful vistas, Phoenix features just over 17,500 security guard jobs and an average salary of $28,000 per year.


Top Security Guard Tools and Equipment


Regardless of your employer or responsibilities, as a security guard there are several pieces of equipment considered to be essential. While some employers supply all necessary pieces of equipment, others only provide basic-level equipment and leave it up to the security guards to gear themselves. should cover the necessary gear required for most assignments. Either way, the following list of security guard tools and equipment are highly recommended not only by security companies but professionals within the field.

Security Guard Tools & Equipment – A Comprehensive List

The following list of tools and are considered universally essential regardless of your exact position or industry. The applications range from first year guards to veteran security officers.


Every security guard must have a flashlight as it allows you to easily see in low-light situations as well as act as a defensive tool should a suspect attempt to psychically harm you or others around you. Whether you work the day or night shift, you should always have a flashlight readily available. This is among the most common tools used by security guards, which means means most employers provide these tools.

Heavy Duty Boots

As a security guard you may be required to trek through rough terrain, such as a warehouse or a lumber yard. Not only do heavy duty boots provide your feet with the necessary level of protection against accidental injury, but a high quality pair of boots help make long shifts of walking much more comfortable. The majority of security guards must follow a standard uniform, which means you’ll probably be required to wear black or brown boots. While these are essential, very few employers supply boots to their security guards. Therefore, you should be prepared to purchase these items yourself.

Security Guard Belt

A quality security guard belt holds all of your essential pieces of equipment, such as pepper spray, walkie talkie, flashlight and a firearm (should you be an armed security guard). These belts free your hands while carrying essential pieces of equipment. Many employers offer these belts as part of your employment package; however, if not, you should be prepared to purchase a security guard belt. If you’re looking to save money while still receiving a high-quality product, you should turn to online retailers for deep discounts.

Mobile Phone

While your employer will likely provide you with a walkie talkie, you should never enter a shift without a mobile phone of some type. Phones are essential as they allow you to contact law enforcement should an emergency situation arise. Because a security guard is often the first on the scene of an accident or incident, you must have instant access to communication outside of the walkie talkie, which features limited range and connectivity. Ensure your phone has all important phone number on speed dial, such as the local police department, manager and security office of your employer.